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David Kato


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  • Image of David Kato

Limited Print Edition.

Edition of 25 prints.
Four colours screenprint.
Approximate print dimensions: ″ × ″ (mm × mm)
Approximate space between image and edge of paper: top mm, bottom mm, right mm, left mm

Paper is hand-cut by the artist, which may result in slight variations in size.

These screenprints have been hand-printed on Bread&Butter paper (270 gsm)
Paper is white, smooth, with a matt finish.
Surface of prints is very delicate, handle with care.
All prints are sold unframed and unmounted.
Please contact us for details on framing options.

These prints are hand-printed by the artist. Screenprinting is a traditional printing technique that produces unique prints, which will result in slight differences and variations from one print to another.

Prints do not include a watermark, but are hand-signed by the artist.

Please allow 1-2 working days for the order to be packaged before shipped.


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